Graduated Licencing

How Do I Get My Motorcycle Licence?

In Ontario the process of acquiring a licence to ride a motorcycle is a done in stages. You must successfully pass a test to graduate each stage until you have gained your full M licence. The whole process can take as little as 20 months and no longer than five (5) years to complete. Visit the Ministry of Transportation’s website for more information on graduated licensing at

1Get your M1 Licence

Write the M1 test at your local Ministry of Transport Ontario (MTO) DriveTest Examination Centre. The M1 is valid for up to 90 days and is acquired by passing a multiple choice test. The questions are based on the Ontario Ministry of Transportation Driver’s Handbook and Motorcycle Handbook, which are available on-line or at most bookstores.

The M1 test is available without an appointment for a cost of $23 + HST.

2Get your M2 Licence 

Take the Ontario Ministry of Transportation approved M2 training course at any time during the 90 day period. You do not need to have your M1 when you register with us, but you must have a valid M1 for your course dates and wear appropriate riding gear.  No prior experience is necessary, although bicycle riding experience is highly recommended. The training and testing takes place at the same location of your course

On successful completion, your driver’s licence information will be updated on the Ontario Ministry of Transportation computer system by our course personnel. You must then go back to an Ontario Ministry of Transportation DriveTest Centre no earlier than 60 days after your M1 was issued, and no later than 6 months from the day you passed your M1 to M2 course to complete the upgrade. No further tests or fees apply.


3Get your M Licence

You are eligible to take the Ontario Ministry of Transportation approved M2 Exit training course after you have held your M2 Licence for 18 months if you obtained your M2 at an MTO approved course. If you did not take a course to obtain your M2 Licence, you are eligible after 22 months. An M2 Licence is valid for five (5) years from the date of its upgrade. Students must ride their own motorcycle for the one-day, on road, training and individual testing, which is held at either of our training locations. Upon successful completion of the road test, you will be entered into the MTO's electronic system as qualified to upgrade to your full M. You then need to visit an Ontario Ministry of Transportation DriveTest Centre to complete the upgrade to M Class, with no further tests or fees.

If your M2 Licence is about to expire and you don't have access to a motorcycle, but do not wish to lose your M2 designation, you may choose to re-qualify for your M2 by taking (or re-taking) our M1X program, for which MTO provides the motorcycle, and which will secure you another five (5) years with M2 Licence designation.