Three Hour Introduction

Have You Ever Wondered If Motorcycling Is For You?
Isn't it time you got the answer to that question?

Our three hour introductory course will put you in the rider's seat and get you moving under power.

You will learn about low speed balancing and braking, starting, clutch control and moving off, all in a controlled environment with expert guidance.

This course is intended for those people who have always wondered if motorcycling is something they should consider for themselves. It offers these new riders the opportunity to explore the experience without making a huge commitment of their time or money before he or she is convinced this is something they still wish to pursue.

What do you need to take this course?

A sturdy jacket and sturdy pair of pants, a pair of boots that covers your ankles, a pair of sturdy gloves and an Ontario driver's licence of any description - no, you do not need to get your M1 before you take this course. Eligibility: must be 18 years or older, age 16 - 17 require the presence of a legal guardian to Sign Consent.

*We do, in the interest of your safety, reserve the right to disallow clothing or equipment which we consider unsafe for you to use (e.g. pre-ripped jeans, light windbreaker, unsafe helmet). Please bring alternative choices if you are in doubt.*

What do we provide?


If you later decide to take the full M1 to M2 course you will receive a $40 credit towards that course. Please remind us by email ( ahead of registering to get instructions on applying the credit.


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