About Us

The Motorcycle Training Organization Inc. (MTO) is a registered, not-for-profit organization staffed and managed by experienced, enthusiastic motorcyclists. MTO was formed in 2013 by founder Rob Copeland and former Sheridan College instructors after the discontinuation of the program by Sheridan College. More recently, MTO has been joined by former Humber College and Conestoga College instructors after both Humber College and Conestoga College stopped offering their motorcycle training programs. Three very well respected programs, with over 120 years of combined experience, have come together to offer the best of the best in motorcycle training.

This Canada Safety Council (CSC) certified program teaches new riders the strategies and skills to safely operate a motorcycle. Emphasis is placed on the correct operation of a motorcycle, road safety and accident prevention. The MTO program and instructors are annually re-certified under the Canada Safety Council’s “Gearing Up” program and follow its safety guidelines to ensure an unparalleled professional, educational, and memorable experience.

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